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3 Stylish Compact Kitchen Designs

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Compactness of furniture and technology is important for small urban abodes. These three compact kitchens are amazing at saving space while providing all the needed means for cooking and storing food. Although as with many compact and mobile things they tend to be on the pricy side.

Compact Kitchen Designs

Boxetti Lunch is a kitchen module that starts at 9 200 Euroes and consists of numerous compartments that exapnd into a cooking station with the sink, dish rack and a countertop. The surface is sliding automatically to reveal the sink and is equiped with the motion detector for safety. The kitchen also features a built-in LED spotlight and even a mini fridge.

TIVALI’ by Dante Bonuccelli is a compact kitchen work block hidden behind the doors and looks like a cupboard when not in use making for clean and elegant look. Open up the doors and the cooking area is revealed. There is sink, stove, shelves and drawers.

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Compact Tower Kitchen by Philippe Starcke represents two towers that include an oven, a dishwasher, shelves and a chalkboard for writing recipes or grocery shopping lists. Towering kitchen save space and give more floor space to the dining area.


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