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Cow Collection of Sanitaryware from ArtCeram

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Cow Collection of sanitaryware from ArtCeram is an interesting bathroom equipment that adds style and unusual touch to it. The four-legged washbasins and wall systems remind of their living mooing muses. The rounded shapes and lines are rounded and yet geometric.

Cow Collection of Sanitaryware from ArtCeram

The addition to the original Cow Collection that came in white offers basins and wall systems in black and white and cow hide spots. This is definitely the most eye-catchy sanitaryware I’ve ever seen. It’s also creative, I would never think cows and sanitaryware go so well together.

The Cow Collection offers wall-mounted and free standing washbasins and other sanitaryware and other four-legged accessories. All sanitaryware has enamel glossy finish. The short legs are present in all items from Cow Collection which adds special charm to it as well as prompts the source of inspiration.

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