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Sleek & Artful Folding Chairs From Ambivalenz

Small-spaced homes can benefit from folding furniture. Folding chair collection from Ambivalenz can also give a decorative touch to the interior design. When not in use they can be displayed as artworks.

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German design studio Ambivalenz has designed a series of sleek and artful folding chairs. The chairs come in form of artworks but unfolded can be used as seats. Fläpps chairs are sleek and portable. They can can be easily stored on the shelves or cabinets as artworks.

Sleek & Artful Folding Chairs From Ambivalenz

Fläpps come in natural and monochrome finish as well as in patterns and with drawings. The mechanism has two folds one of which serves as the chair‘s base and the other one as a seat. The folding chairs are easy to store and move around the house. These can also add a decorative touch to the interior.

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  1. Sally M Says:

    This clever design apart from becoming artwork when not in use, also provides a great space saving option. I worry that the hinges look a bit flimsy though, but perhaps they are stronger than they look in the image.

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