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Modern First-Aid Box by Radius Design

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First aid box by Radius Design made of stainless steel is modern and stylish. Made to fit the red medical kit the First-Aid box is made of stainless steel frame with a cutout cross. Thus when the red fabric of the kit is in the frame the cross becomes visible.

Stylish First-Aid Box

Modern First-Aid Box by Radius Design

Designed by Ulf Thomas Solbach the First-Aid box comes in ‘home’ and ‘professional’ (10″x5,5″x3,5″) versions for public and private use. Now tThe medical kit can be stored and organized in a stylish box on the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway wall. What do you think about Radius Design First-Aid Box?

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  1. Wenda pearce Says:

    I love this design! Having been in the industry many years, its nothing something you see very often! This is a great design with a lot of innovation displayed here 🙂 Posting to facebook!

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