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Claudio Sibille Space Saving Furniture

Space-saving furniture is a great solution for small-spaced homes. It may also be multifunctional and serve in many ways without cluttering the space. Claudio Sibille's Ludovico is a great solution for small-spaced homes.

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Uruguayan industrial designer Claudio Sibille has created a space-saving furniture set called Ludovico. The nesting set consists of a wooden cabinet, table and two chairs. The Ludovico set can make for an whole home office while saving space when it’s not in use.

Claudio Sibille Space Saving Furniture

Designed with attention to detail and function Ludovico is a great example of elegant space-saving furniture that can serve in so many ways. The Ludovico furniture set can be used in a living room to make for an eating area which isn’t occupying much space.

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