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Food Photoshop: iPlate by Todd Borka

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Photoshoping meals is now possible with iPlate by French illustrator Todd Borka. The china plates from iPlate series feature “Import Food”, “Edit Food”, “Image Size”, “Ctrl Z” illustrations that allow arrange food according to these photoshop-like “functions”.

Food Photoshop: iPlate by Todd Borka

Who has never dreamed of being able to manage details of one’s own life like we manipulate today images on software like Photoshop? Who has never thought of doing ‘apple Z’ after breaking a glass? I have created theses series of funny plates following this kind of thoughts. These are winks!

For the users of image editing software, there are easily recognizable and fun codes.

I think that everyone knows a friend who will have fun with an iPlate.

Then, you can try to import directly your steak from your fridge to your plate, change the colour of your fish or rub the beets!

The plates come separately and in a set of four that includes the plates with “functions” listed above. The prints don’t wash out and the plates can be put in a dishwasher. Though these functions don’t really work like that the plates are fun and make a good gift to those who can recognize and decipher the codes in the illustrations.

What do you think about iPlate?

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