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Arceas – Space-Saving Fitness Equipment

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Home fitness equipment is getting more and more attention from consumers and designers alike. Thanks to that it becomes more decor-friendly than the professional gym gear as well as more space-conscious. Arceas is wall-mounted fitness exercise equipment that has an integrated folding matt and planters.

Arceas - Fitness Equipment

Designed by Simon Viau, Thibaut Rouganne, and Yoann Legaignoux Arceas is good for stretching as well as it has planters so that it adds to the interior decor and also the brings in the greenery to urban living space.

The concept of unfolding integrated fitness equipment is great for small-spaced homes. The gym gear can often occupy much space in the house. While the planter pots help disguise the sight of the quipment making it more sleek and decor-friendly.

Arceas Fitness Equipment:

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