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Penthouse Apartments Guide

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Penthouse apartment is a luxurious abode that’s located on the highest floor of the building. But what differs a penthouse from another apartment? Architects call the highest structure that extends beyond the main walls of the building a penthouse. It doesn’t extends through all the roof area.  Size and design of a penthouse and other apartments are certainly different. Penthouses are larger sometimes featuring the second level. Penthouse apartments are common for large cities. These are usually located in the center of the city which offers their owners beautiful views from those heights that are common for penthouses.

Penthouse Apartments Guide

Since a penthouse is a luxurious and expensive apartment it usually has a luxurious design with finished quality materials and equipped with high quality appliances and systems. Penthouses may also feature a terrace, a swimming pool, hot tub, floor to ceiling windows, several suites, home office, fireplace, and other.

The ceilings in the penthouses can often be higher than those of regular apartments. A penthouse owners can also have a private entrance or elevator to their abode as well as are provided by many various services such as delivery, cleaning, etc. The term penthouse, however can at times only indicate that the apartment is located on the top floor. Sub-penthouse and lower-penthouse are used to describe the apartments that are located beneath the penthouse.

Penthouse interior design is often modern but it can be decorated in any style from ethnic to traditional. Due to it’s unconventional structure and large space penthouse can be decorated in many different ways and the space can suit all the needs of its owner.

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