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Flamboyant and Chic: Inside Iris Apfel’s Home

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Iris Apfel is a famous fashion icon and interior designer. Her work extends from business and interior design to restoration. Iris Apfel has studied art history at New York University and has attended art school. Her impressive style and taste have gained her popularity among many clients, which included the restoration work in White House for presidents from Truman to Clinton.

Flamboyant and Chic: Inside Iris Apfel's Home

So if you are interested in how Iris Apfel‘s own home looks like, you came to the right place. Her New York apartment is definitely a place of history, a home to things from various centuries and styles. Things like 18-19th century dog portraits, French chairs, art books, stone pedestals and other have been collected over the years from buying trips.

She first started her own business when she realized that she could outperform her decorator-employer. Seeking out unique and antique furniture and interior pieces was too much exciting and Apfel decided to make interior her profession. Later she has co-founded an Old World Weavers company with her husband. They created unique fabrics and her buying trips all over Europe have shaped what today can be seen in Apfels’ New York apartment.

Particularly being famous for her flamboyant style Iris Apfel says that people believed she could bring her personal style into the interior. Apfel doesn’t create minimalistic interiors, she’s all for abundance, texture and color. Hence she doesn’t deem the great number of decorations and accessories in her apartments a clutter. I agree, beautifully grouped prints, textures and colors can create a truly unique atmosphere, especially when each and every one of those things has been sorted, selected and chosen by someone who has what they call a ‘legendary style’. What do you think of Iris Apfel’s home?

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