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Ocean Collection By Campana Brothers

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Designer duo Campana Brothers present their first gallery exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery with whom they designed the gorgeous ‘Ocean Collection’. The brothers’ Sushi line has been used as a base for the collection. Reinventing their own works the designers used felt, rubber, and EVA to realize their new designs.

Ocean Collection Exhibited At Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Ocean Collection by Campana Brothers

Sushi Cabinet from Ocean Collection by Campana Brothers

The beautiful collection comprises felt-framed mirrors, Sushi cabinets, and Vitoria Regia Stool from 2002. The mirrorsare most impressive of all designs. They come in uneven abstract forms and shapes featuring colorful felt frames that add beautiful detail to the walls.

Some of the mirrors come in pendant form so they can be hung wherever in the house and float and rotate reflecting not just one side of the room but the entire room.

The cabinets are also very beautiful and come in two sizes. Decorated with the similar patterns and shades of green and blue they truly feel like some ocean creatures or plants, especially in the gallery interior painted beautiful turquoise.

The ocean theme is always an interesting one to explore in the interior or industrial design. Rich both in color and form the ocean life lends so much inspiration for the designers to translate and interpret into beautiful things or interior design ideas.

We also loved the presentation. The gallery in which the collection is exhibited is in matching color scheme with the products while the lighting creates an effect of being under water. The mirrors cast beautiful shades on the floor emphasizing the under water-like atmosphere.

The Ocean Collection exhibition is open till July 27th and can be seen at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris.

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