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Architecture for Dogs

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“Architecture for Dogs” project is implemented with love and care. It is a Japanese joint project of the creative team of architects and designers. It offers a new way of positive communication between people and their pets along with a rich selection of interesting architectural and interior design solutions.

Dog’s Place as Part of Interior Design: Architecture for Dogs

No dog, no life by Sou Fujimoto

“No dog, no life” by Sou Fujimoto

Organizers of the project suggested the participants to think about one of the most ancient forms of partnership between man and animal – relationships between a dog and its owner; the place, which our pets literally and figuratively have in a modern home.

One of the most amazing features of a dog is a huge diversity of species. It is hard to believe that a Chihuahua and a Great Dane, being differ in appearance no less than we are different from a giraffe, belong to the same biological species. The creators of “Architecture for dogs” have chosen 13 different dog breeds and designed a “home” for each of them. Their “homes” are also a playground, a piece of furniture and a designer outfit.

They have posted descriptions of each mini-project on a single website, accompanying a small video – kind of instructions for use. In the video, happy dogs and sometimes their owners are enthusiastically studying unusual items.

As a nice bonus, the architects have prepared detailed step by step animated “do it yourself” guides and posted dimensional drawings, which are available for download. You also can upload a photo of the “dog’s home”, which you have built by yourself.

In addition, you can read about the creators of each facility, look at their pictures, the portraits of their pets, and buildings they designed.

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