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How To Decorate With Zebra Print

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Animal prints are commonly used in home decor and zebra is one of them. The monochromatic colors and interesting pattern make it a great accent in the decor. Zebra print comes with many different products from rugs and throw pillows to lamps, sinks and even bathtubs.

How To Decorate With Zebra Print

Mixing With Colors

Zebra print looks good in almost any color scheme. In neutral interiors zebra accents add detail to the room while in colorful rooms a black and white zebra print looks more neutral and yet brings patterned accent into the decor. Use a zebra-printed lamp, stool or rug in the colorful room to make it look even more interesting. Zebra print also comes in different colors so it can fit into the color scheme but still add pattern accent to it.

How To Decorate With Zebra Print

Mixing With Patterns

Mixing zebra with other patterns is possible and even more so makes for an interesting decor. Zebra goes well with stripes, certain florals, polka dot, and checkered patterns. Mix and match different prints and patterns to see what suits best for the decor.

How To Decorate With Zebra Print


Decorating surfaces with zebra print can be challenging as bigger surfaces covered with zebra print can be overpowering. Use the print sparcely and only on one wall. For a bigger impact you can use zebra curtains and carpets in the decor since they are not that overwhelming. If you still want a zebra wall think about zebra-printed headboard, artwork, or not very busy zebra-printed wallpaper pattern.

Zebra Print In Interior Design

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