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25 Stylish Storage Solutions

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Storage takes a good part of living space so it better be stylish and eye-pleasing. There are many ways and solutions for making storage as stylish as possible. There are creative shelves and sleek wardrobe designs and yet many more ways to organize and keep things in order.

Stylish Storage Ideas

15 Stylish Storage Solutions

A sliding compartment can be an unexpected but also a quite practical storage solution that is sleek and modern. Suit for kitchens and bathrooms alike sliding compartments are well disguised or hidden from sight altogether making for a clean uncluttered look.

A sliding compartment can be built into furniture or a wall depending on tastes and budget.

15 Stylish Storage Solutions

Matching wood log storage rack for your fireplace can do wonders to your decor making for sleek and clean look.

A wine shelf is a modern and cool solution for those who love wine but don’t have enough space for a wine cellar or a wine room. A stylish shelf will fit the bottles and make for sleek look.

15 Stylish Storage Solutions

Also think about sprucing up open shelving by adding print or color to the inner walls of each shelf. This can add style and detail to the storage and room in general. Break the line of sight with art objects and works to make storage more pleasant to look at.

When building storage from scratch optfor quality materials as this is not only practical but also aesthetically-pleasing. Choose shapes and lines that complement your interior design style or decor. Built-in storage can also be quite stylish if done right. The location and materials can make or break the look, so choose those carefully.

Take a look at the gallery of stylish storage solutions for rooms like kitchen, bathroom, living room, and also laundry and hallway.

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