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5 DIY Wall Hook Ideas

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Wall hooks are a simple and easy way to decorate a wall in the hallway or a bathroom. There are quite a few ways of creating your own wall hooks from discarded junk. It’s a great way to recycle some old stuff lying around the house.

DIY Wall Hooks

Paint Brushes

5 DIY Wall Hook Ideas

Dominic Wilcox has reimagined a regular paint brush in form of a wall hook. Have some old brushes you have forgotten to wash many times? Maybe it’s time to give them second life as wall hooks. The brush bristles are curved up in the form of a hook.


5 DIY Wall Hook Ideas

One of the ways to recycle old cutlery in home decor is bending and curving old forks and spoons giving them the shape of a hook. While spoons can also function as mini shelves the forks can be beautifully remolded and reshaped as in the picture.

Door Knobs

5 DIY Wall Hook Ideas

Decorative door knobs can simply be repurposed as wall hooks. Choose different-shaped knobs to create a nice arrangement or opt for same door knobs if you want a uniform look.


5 DIY Wall Hook Ideas

Old heels can be recycled as wall hooks as well. Detached from the shoe they make for natural hooks.

Faucet Handles

5 DIY Wall Hook Ideas

Faucet handles just like the door knobs make for cool creative wall hooks.

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