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Vintage Furniture of Old Doors

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Sturdy wooden door can become the basis for new interior. What door panels are suitable for furniture making? Primarily, it is exposed doors without serious defects. You can use blind and glazed doors. As for the paint or varnish, it does not play a role, because we will be creating our own handmade vintage furniture.

Vintage Furniture of Old Doors: 5 Ideas

Clothes hangers of old doors

Clothes hangers of old doors

Typically, during the transformation the old door is complemented with one or more elements (shelves and feet , etc.). To achieve harmonious look of the furniture, decorators recommend to dye the entire structure in a single color. If you prefer patina, it should appear on all elements (except the metal parts).

Vintage racks of old doors

Optimal variant here is a glazed door. Take out the glass, and put wooden shelves in its place (perpendicular to the canvas), cut to size. Attach shelves to the door or hang them on chains. The depth depends on the position of the shelves of the rack.

Clothes hangers of old doors

You can make a compact hanger for your hallway using an old door. Complement it with a mirror, shelves and hooks. Place pictures, wallpaper remnants or mirrors between panels. The door can be positioned horizontally by attaching to the wall, or vertically.

Rack consoles of old doors

A spectacular vintage console in the spirit of French antiques can be made from an old wooden door + shelf + legs. This stand is stable enough.

If the floor space is small, then attach shelves with brackets. You can attached or hang a basket container under such shelf, and get an additional storage for small stuff. A mirror will look great on the top. This design is hung on the wall.

Tables made of wooden doors

You can make an unusual designer table in modern, rustic or colonial style of the door leaf. You will just need to attach legs to the leaf.

Backrest, armrests and headboards of old doors

An old door, deaf or glazed, natural or dyed, can be used for this. If you turn on your imagination and decorate it originally, you will get a fancy headboard. After completion of decoration, securely attach it to the wall.

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