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Summer Garden Decor: Outdoor Swing

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Outdoor swings are perfect for summer. They are fun and dreamy and can add a decor element to your yard or garden. You can buy swings or custom order them but you can also build a DIY thing that will perfectly fit your budget or garden style.

Ideas For Outdoor Swing

Swing Bed

Summer Swing Bed

There are quite a few ideas for creating your own swing with little to no effort or funds. If you want a simple swing you will only need a sturdy wide wooden plank, a drill and a piece of rope. Drill a hole at each corner of the plank and fix it with the rope to a tree or any structure that would allow it. You can use a pallet instead of plank or go with a legless chair or an old tire.

If you want something more spacious where you can really stretch your legs and relax think making a swing bed but be sure that you have a really good and sturdy structure to hang it on because a bed can be quite heavy and swinging it might fall down together with the flimsy construction.

Chair and tire swing

Chair and tire swing

The swing bench or bed can be made of old bed frame. If bench will suffice you can just add a back made out of an old door. For the bed you’ll need a mattress, which will add weight to your swing and some throw pillows for comfort and decor value.

To decorate your swing upholster it with colorful fabric or fill it with accent pillows. To disguise the unflattering chain or rope wrap it with a nice fabric or faux vines. You can also give your swing a fresh coat of bright paint.

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