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HULU Tableware by FCJZ

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Yung-Ho Chang of Atelier FCJZ has designed a creative collection of porcelain tableware called HULU. Tableware collection was inspired by HULUs, dried gourds that were used in the past in Northern China. Gourd-shaped tableware collection consists of bowls, plates, sauce dishes, and dinner sets.

HULU Tableware by FCJZ

The pieces in HULU collection are made of white porcelain and stainless steel. The dinner sets include small and large plates, bowls and sauce dishes. The food can be served with a sauce right in one plate as the gourd-like shape allows to separate those two serving food in the wider part of the plate.

Creative tableware is not only aesthetically pleasant to the eye, it also inspires to serve the table creatively. It can also be used as display items decorating the dining room, kitchen or even living room.

HULU tableware is simple in design but its unusual shape is decorative and immediately draws attention. Family dinner traditions bring the people together at one table while beautiful tableware makes it a little bit more special.

The collection breaks the conventional 6 by 6 set allowing to arrange various plates and dishes creatively and according to one’s idea.

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