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Elements of Home Decor: Mirror

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Mirror is a great element of home decor. It’s useful, it can be beautiful and it can be framed, shaped and cut just like you want it to be. Mirror can enhance a small-spaced room in an instant. The bigger it is the better. Make a feature wall in mirror that will reflect the rest of the room visually enhancing and elongating it. Even a sleek rectangular mirror in the room can make the room look brighter and bigger since it reflects light and creates an illusion of additional space. Mirror frame can be another element of decor that gives mirror a distinctive look.

Elements of Home Decor: Mirror

Mirror Frames

Mirror frames vary in forms, shapes, and materials. There are wooden, iron, plastic and other kinds of mirror frames that can adorn the mirror itself and your home decor. Painting frames can become quite original with a mirror instead of picture in them. Eye catchy frames function well as wall decorations. These should fit into the theme and style of your interior.

Cut Out Mirror

You can find some mirrors that are cut in various shapes. These can make very unusual and great wall decorations. You can find ready pieces or order a custom-made mirror according to your design or preferences. Cut out mirror is less functional but it still reflects light making the room look more spacious.

Broken Mirror

Broken mirror is not always a bad thing. Mirror pieces have been used in design for a long time now and you can too use it if you are into handmade and DIY. Broken mirror can be used to decorate vases or to make a mosaic on the wall.

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