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5 Designs Made of Chocolate

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There are plenty of various materials to choose from but some designers opt for chocolate that is both delicious and challenging to work with. We wrote about cork and cardboard, but chocolate is something quite different. Surely these designs are not as practical as they are edible but you can still grasp and appreciate the design concept behind them.

Designs Made Out Of Chocolate

5 Designs Made of Chocolate

‘Lumière Au Chocolate’ is a chocolate lamp designed by Alexander Lervik. The pyramid without the peak shape of the lamp is made out of delicious material which slowly melts as LED light heats it up. The first signs of melting chocolate show as holes in the sides of the shade. When the chocolate melts completely it then hardens in chunks.

5 Designs Made of Chocolate

Light is so important in our lives but sometimes electricity gives way to a more romantic candlelight. Fujisan by FxBalléry Design maybe a “fondant au chocolat” cake but it features a great design that includes a thick chocolate candle that slowly melts into cake as it burns.

5 Designs Made of Chocolate

Edible Surfaces is a collaboration design of Binaki Studios and Chocolátl. Binaki Studios who specialize on textiles created moulds to mimic the textile surfaces that were used to create patterned chocolate bits.

5 Designs Made of Chocolate

Nendo designed dessert ware back in 2008 for patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu, who created a dessert inspired by Nendo. The result? A crinkle white dessert plate and a pencil sharpener for the chocolate pencils of different shades to decorate the dessert itself.

5 Designs Made of Chocolate

The 5.5 Designers created three designs using chocolate in collaboration with Barcelona’s Chocolat Factory. The designs include a cake made of differently flavoured chocolate, a chart made of chocolate showing how many calories each bar of the chocolate chart includes and finally this series of Introverted nesting bowls that hide a cocoa bean underneath.

What do you think about the chocolate designs?

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