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Giancarlo Zema Ocean-Inspired Designs

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Recently we told you about how to create an ocean-inspired interior design with colors, furniture, and accessories. Today we feature Giancarlo Zema ocean-inspired designs. Many of the designs by Giancarlo Zema are inspired by the beautiful life under water. This LED floor Octopus Lamp looks like a two-toned octopus tentacle and its light gleam will add a lot to your ocean-inspired atmosphere.
Giancarlo Zema Ocean-Inspired Designs

Another colorful underwater-inspired design by Giancarlo Zema is this colorful Anemone chair in which he combined the beautiful colors of underwater life and security that anemone can provide to ocean dwellers.

Giancarlo Zema Ocean-Inspired Designs

Shark Handle looks both sleek and modern, yet it can certainly find a place in ocean-inspired interior design if you like more subtly of theme in the design.

Giancarlo Zema Ocean-Inspired Designs

The same can be said about beautiful and colorful Fish Radiator that is more than a functional object but now also an aesthetic pleasure in itself.

Giancarlo Zema Ocean-Inspired Designs

Underwater Design Exhibition that passed this spring had Giancarlo Zema ocean-inspired designs collected in a showroom of Roberto Catellani. The interiors that were put together with Zema’s underwater designs look incredibly beautiful, unusual, even futuristic. The exhibition includes chairs with nautical illuminated lights, underwater-inspired installations, and even some sea life-like tableware.

I like the sublty in Giancarlo Zema ocean-inspired designs. They are not the actual imitation of forms and shapes, but rather a designer interpretation combined with a personal artistic vision. These beautiful things can create an absolutely stunning and unique interior in charming ocean theme. My favorite from the collection would be Anemone chair and tableware Pressure Collection. What about you?

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  1. Lauren Faye Says:

    What an amazing design! The luxury lights are beautiful!

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