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Transparent Garage In This Kyoto Home Is Most Stylish Thing Ever

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You’d be right not to keep a garage on the list of your most stylish places in the house but this one actually looks amazing. Designed by an architect Yoshiaki Yamashita this modern dwelling in Kyoto belongs to a couple of car enthusiasts. In his design Yamashita decided to show off the brightly-colored vehicle through a transparent wall that divided the garage from the kitchen.

The result is quite unexpected. Unlike in this Garage Loft the car is standing outside the living space but it’s not completely shut out and hidden away. Besides, the garage can double as a covered terrace where the owners can keep their plants or even create an entire garden if they choose to.

The semi-transparent walls in both garage and kitchen allow plenty of light in solving the problem that makes every other garage a dark uninviting place.

Transparent Garage Wall

Kyoto home with transparent garage

Red sports car adds a pop of color to minimalist concrete kitchen with black elements and wooden beamed ceiling

Transparent garage

The wall between garage and kitchen is made of glass panes

Transparent garage wall between a garage and kitchen

The garage can double as a roofed terrace and winter garden

Kyoto home with transparent garage

The 1862 square feet (173 sq m) house modest facade

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