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Garage Loft For A Sports Car

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Amazing what one can do with any given space. Creative professionals can make as little as 8 square meters liavable or create an office out of two industrial containers. Today we are looking at another conversion; it’s by a Dutch firm Studio OxL. This old carpentry workshop was redesigned as a living space with a bit of outdoors inside between the living and sleeping areas. This conversion is one of the most exciting ones we’ve seen so far, with its imaginative design and commitment to owner’s wishes.

Carpentry Workshop Converted Into Garage Loft

Garage loft

Garage loft living area

The designer’s two main tasks were to bring in daylight and introducing the owner’s electric sports car into the interior. Thanks to the open patio the garage loft, which is 30 meters in depth, is now flooded with daylight. It also divides the public and private spaces of the house and brings a bit of outdoors inside.

The sportscar fits in nicely into the modern interior design and the industrial feel of the garage. Thanks to it being electric there isn’t much concern for oil stains and smell.

The patio is divided from the rest of the house with thick transparent glass walls that can be closed off with curtains if privacy is needed.

The designers have completed both tasks amazingly. The space turned out to be airy and light in no small part thanks to the white color scheme of the interior. The decor is minimalistic but stylish and organic with the space. Plenty of wall space gave way to huge artworks that add color to the decor. The doors differ from the overall style, though, but they too fit in amazingly and also allow some more daylight into the house.

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