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3 Cool Garage Transformations

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Garages are often used as storage space for junk, clutter and other things. But once transformed a garage can literally become a second home. A garage can also be turned into a home office, art studio, workshop, guest house, and other specialty rooms.

Cool Garage Transformations

Garage Turned Into Small Home

3 Cool Garage Transformations

Artist Michelle de la Vega has turned her 250 square feet small garage into a small home with a fireplace, loft bed, locker storage, and a mini kitchen. Amazing! The lack of space looks like no big deal in this home and a fireplace certainly makes it feel more cozy and comfy and homey.

The loft bedroom definitely saves space in this small abode giving more space for moving around the kitchen and accessing a small couch with bench-like coffee table and a side bookcase. A perfect hideout for peace and quite reading sessions or a guest house.

Light Garage Home

3 Cool Garage Transformations

This spacious garage was turned into home by Knott Architects in UK. The white interior is further enhanced with the skylights. The home includes a living room, a dining room and a kitchen and even a light home office. The bedroom is cleverly divided from the bathroom with glass and further with a sleek wardrobe.

This home is uncommonly light for a former garage so it feels cozy and homey, spacious even.

Stylish Garage Home

3 Cool Garage Transformations

The old garage/warehouse inUtrecht was redesigned by Zecc Architects for residential purposes and turned out a stylish modern home. The architects paid special attention to lighting adding atmospheric ambient lights to the interior that’s both soft and full of character. The garage part of the premise had a garage door that was replaced with glass.

The interior was designed in a modern style and white ad gray color scheme. The lighting makes the color scheme more interesting.

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