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Underground Office in Genoa

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Architect Carlo Bagliani has found an unusual solution for an architectural studio in Genoa, Italy. He built an office in the underground garage and called his creation Underground spaces.

Underground Home Office

Architectural studio in Genoa, Italy by Carlo Bagliani

Architectural studio in Genoa, Italy by Carlo Bagliani 

The premise has been an ordinary garage for cars. Yet the fate of this one-story construction was much more interesting. The owners preferred doing creative work instead of using it as a garage and soon it was rebuilt into a studio.

Now it is the architectural studio, which is built into a residential area of six-story buildings, just a few miles from the city center. It is surrounded by a green garden. Despite the fact that the office is a bit like an ominous dark grotto, it has become a quite comfortable working space.

The direct work area in the studio is created in the center of the main room. There are two lamps above each workstation that create a special atmosphere. Office furniture design was developed by Antonio Norero from Sp10 architectural studio.

Office workers do not complain about lack of light due to the facade glazing. Special holes in the roof also serve as light sources.

Interior space is decorated in a minimalistic style. It is built on contrasts: matte black walls, concrete ceiling and white glossy furniture – all this is surprisingly combined in the interior. The outside space is disguised as the environment and seems more like an animal burrow than an office space.

From the street you can look inside the space through a large pane of glass on the ground level. Additional natural light penetrates into the office through a well-patio.

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