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Raised Platforms In Interior

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The solutions for small spaces just keep coming. Multifunctional furniture and loft spaces can really add dimension to a small home but what if we combine the two? A raised platform with storage space will allow you to make the most of your square feet and add function to every inch of space.

Interior Raised Platforms

Bed platform

Raised platforms are good for two things – storage and space division. But it’s not just drawers that you can build into your platform. You can also hide additional furniture there while using its top for something entirely different. Thus a single platform can transform one room into two or even three functional areas plus storage space for season clothing, spare bedding, and other stuff.

Since you will most likely be building the platform you can customize it to your room’s dimensions so that the bed won’t take up too much space. This is especially useful for bedrooms that lack space. Thus you can create a retractable bed that will be hidden under the platform and use the rest of the space for setting up a home office, a dressing room, or an art studio.

In studio apartment an elevated platform can function as a space divider. The platform can be used as a sleeping area while the rest can be a more public space with seating and dining areas. Raised platforms with plenty of storage space are especially useful in kid’s room.

Finally a raised platform is a great way to emphasize an area in a house with an open layout. Ambient lighting underneath it can further visually elevate the space creating a sort of stage in the room.

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