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Beautiful Sonoma Vineyard Residence by Aidlin Darling

Sonoma Vineyard Residence designed by Aidlin Darling is located in Sonoma County, California. It stands on the edge of the vineyard but close enough to the vines offering beautiful views that can be enjoyed from inside the residence thanks to large glass windows.

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Sonoma Vineyard Residence is designed with the consideration of the site so it’s both functional and beautiful. The residence is designed to let the beautiful views in as the building includes glazed walls and large windows. The look is both modern due to shapes and traditional due to materials.

Beautiful Sonoma Vineyard Residence by Aidlin Darling

The residence also has a reflecting pool that adds to the glazed windows and walls and contrasts beautifully with the stone. The glazed corridor that unites the stone blocks of the residence adds the modern feel to it and lets in plenty of light and views.

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