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Modern Style Living Room Design Ideas

Modern style promotes clean lines and simple shapes. Adding textures and detail to the decor can make it look more warm and lived in. Adding details will also make it more dynamic.

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To make stylish modern living room pay attention to materials and texture. The first should be of quality but not necessarily expensive. The latter can bring in the detail to the clean modern style decor.

Modern Style Living Room Design Ideas

Color Scheme

The modern style interior doesn’t have to be all neutral. Some bright accents, artworks, or a feature wall can help add some bright spots to the design. Bright lighting, throw pillows, wall art can bring in some dynamic to the neutral-based color scheme.


Details add a lot to the decor. They also tell about the owner’s tastes and personality. Details can also add depth to the design so think portraits, artworks, statuary, and other decorations with character or history. Rugs and carpets can add warmth to the decor. Using patterns can also help make the design more dynamic. Wooden texture in flooring or furniture can also add warmth to the modern interior.


Lighting can do so much for decor. Natural lighting is great at making the room cozy but if the windows aren’t big enough using mirrors can multiply the natural lighting coming from the window. Yellow lighting can also soften the modern interior design.

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