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Cool Boy’s Room Design Ideas

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To create a cool and stylish boy’s room design think about the style of the future design and pay attention to details. To make the kid’s room cool and exciting bring in the play and color to the design. A unifying element to the room’s decor can be a specific theme around which all the elements of design are based.

Cool Boy's Room Design Ideas

Choose a Theme

A themed room design makes for a cool look. The theme can determine a color scheme and the style of the room. There are many themes to choose from including movies, games, fairytales, cartoons and other. A theme will make it easier to unite all parts of the room design together. Make sure to consult the kid before choosing a theme for the room.

Unusual Storage

Storage can look pretty unusual and decorative. Choose from a wide variety of designs and styles something that will be both stylish and functional. Assymetric shelving can add structural detail to the room while open shelves can be used to display objects and decorations. Trunks can also look appealing and fit the ocean and pirate ship theme.


Add details and accessories to the design, for instance, a ship-shaped lamp or bed frame, wall mounted themed lights, themed decorations. Details willmake the room look finished while add a decorative touch to it.

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    I need to decorate my 3 year old son’s room. He loves Mickey Mouse.


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