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Big Sofa Living Room Decor Ideas

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Oh the sweet big sofa, so spacious, so inviting. So much room leg room and room for bonding with entire family. It might be the single most important furniture piece in a room so why not give it more space even if it’s somewhat limited?

Living Room Design & Decor Ideas

L Shape Sofa

A big sofa is a commitment. It’s expensive and it;s harder to clean and move. But it has its advantages. Besides it looks impressive and luxurious. It can also be pretty functional. It all depends what you are looking for and where you’re looking. Sofas come in all shapes and sizes so you can find a sofa design as if it was custom made for your home.

A big sofa doesn’t necessarily have to take up the whole living room though. A u-shaped or modular couch can be a great way out for most people who want their living room to be more spacious but who also want to have plenty of seating space to go around. Pit sofas and storage couches are best options for small-spaced living rooms since they feature frames that allow storage thanks to built in shelveing and a modular couch can provide you with a coffee table or a foot rest that may as well be an integral part of the couch.

Decorating around a big sofa may be a problem in small living rooms. There you’ll have to prioritize the sofa and cut all the other furnishings and decorations to a minimum so that your room didn’t look crammed and cluttered. Big sofas work well for open layouts. An L or U-shaoed sofa can help divide living space from the other areas.

A narrow room will naturally allow only for a narrow sofa, but it can be long. If you want to comfortably lie in front of the TV a pit square sofa is a better option. Besides you can use it as a guest bed or home theater seating.

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