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Revamping Traditional Living Room

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Traditional style is common but it can be exciting as well. Adding various new elements to a familiar decor or swapping a color scheme for a fresh one can do wonders to a traditional living room. If you are on a quest of revamping a traditional living room take a look at our ideas on how to make it more interesting and eye-catchy.

Traditional Living Room Makeover

Bright Traditional Living Room

Get Rid of Dull Tapestry

Dull curtains can ruin the look. Go for something airy and light especially if your living room is not very big or lacks natural light. Same goes for upholstery. Too many neutrals can make the room look bland and boring. Go for interesting prints like ikat or chevron to spruce up the neutral color scheme.

Wooden Coffee Table Out

Swap a wooden coffee table for the one in gilded metallic frame with a glass tabletop or better yet invest in a big ottoman and replace your coffee table with it. Furniture set made of one type of wood is though to bring everything together but sometimes it can be too bland.

Go Eclectic

Add a few elements from other styles to your traditional living room. For instance, a Moroccan side or drum table is a perfect choice for vamping up the traditional decor or you can go for a bit of art deco with a drawer in

Add Art Objects

Artworks, sculptures and various other art pieces add a lot of character to decor. They also act as standout accents and can add a splash of color to neutral rooms. Make sure not to overload the room with art objects though to avoid a museum look.

Change Lamps

Last but not least, you can try to revamp a classic decor with a statement chandelier or a pair of stylish new table lamps.

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