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Tiny Kitchen Design Solutions

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Tiny kitchen can be a headache in terms of use as well as design. What to do to not overpower a tiny space with decor? First of all draw an optimal floor plan for the tiny kitchen making use of every inch of space. This way the storage problem will be solved or almost solved and there’ll be some space for design and well, cooking.

Tiny Kitchen Design Solutions

Maximize Space

Mazimize space with sleek hidden storage to make the kitchen look tidy and uncluttered. Opt for sleek space saving furniture to avoid heavy look. Modern lightweight furniture with clean lines must be sturdy but it shoud not overwhelm the room visually. As for the eat-in kitchens, try to find the place in the kitchen where the eating area will not block the pathway to the cooking zone. You can adapt the windowsill as a kitchen bar or go with the folding table and chairs.

Add Accent

It’s easy to overwhelm the tiny kitchen with patterns and punchy colors but it doesn’t mean the small kitchen should be plain white. Adding one bright accent to the light color scheme won’t harm. It can be a cabinet or chairs, curtains or just a fruit bowl.

Eliminate Clutter

Organize, organize, and organize. all the small stuff on display clutters the view of the already tiny space. Go with the baskets for a rustic touch or multipurpose furniture with additional storage space. Get rid of everything that isn’t necessary or used including the dishes, appliances, and other kitchenware. With some free space your kitchen will get a more airy look.

Tiny Kitchen Designs

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  1. Kitchens Ireland Says:

    The top kitchen is absolutely tiny! How on earth would anyone cook in a space this size?!!

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