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Recently the wreckage anniversary of the “unthinkable liner” Titanic, marked its 100 milestone.In this post we try to recreate the interior of the world’s most notorious ship in his famuos journey on its way to glory.


“Titanic” First Class Interior Design

“Titanic” was royal mail ship, which sailed from Southampton, UK to New York, USA. It was built in 1911 and owned by White Star Line Company. The liner featured about 900 ft in length and 175 ft high. It carried more than 2500 passengers, and more than 1500 of them died at that horrible wreckage on April night of 1912. But let’s explore what was the ship really like, from the inside.


It provided different spaces for first, second and third class passengers. There were also ten decks for private and public usage. The interior design was the most luxurious, it featured beautiful carved oak furniture, had Turkish bath, and even gyms. It was a dream came true.


First class public rooms were the dining areas, receptions, restaurants and lounge area, the library, and palm courts. They all breathed of luxury, posing golden candelabras, craftily carved wooden furniture, and stylish decor. The prominent feature of the first class public area was the grand staircase, yes that one you saw Kate Winslet coming from, in famous movie of 1997. It was over 60 feet, and featured William and Mary style with solid oak carved paneling all the way around. The staircase at the ground had a lovely Cherub statue carved from wood.


Many rooms had different decoration styles, such as French Louis XV style, Gregorian style, etc. The abundant records of the witnesses make it clear that Titanic was a marvelous and splendid liner.


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