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13 Distressed Kitchens That Are Chic

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There is a certain charm about a distressed kitchen. It reminds us of old movies, country allure, and shabby chic. Distressed cabinets may not work on their own but put them in a context and they too can serve a purpose.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets in Shabby Chic

Teal kitchen

The best thing about creating a distressed kitchen decor is that it doesn’t require big investment. The older the cabinets, the better. The same goes for appliances. If it works, it works.

Got a traditional kitchen that could use an upgrade? Maybe a downgrade could work even better? Creating a distressed furniture look isn’t as hard as you might think and may give your kitchen a far more sophisticated look.

You can also decorate in rustic style. It doesn’t necessarily have to be vintage or shabby chic. Although luxurious and vintage accessories make a nice contrast with cabinets’ worn looked and crackled paint.

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