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Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

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Modern bedrooms are sleek and stylish but they also can be bright or romantic. There are various ways of achieving certain feel in the modern bedroom. Modern bedroom can be elegant, romantic, bright, or minimalistic. This depends on the owner’s style and taste.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas


Futuristic style bed can immediately add futuristic touch to the modern style bedroom. Think curved headboards, rounded lines and other elements pertinent to the futuristic style. Other elements of futuristic design can also be introduced into the bedroom decor.

Elegant & Traditional

To add elegance to the modern bedroom design opt for some classic elements like a traditional chandelier or curtains. Introducing wood into the decor or design of the room will also add warmth and traditional touch to the modern style bedroom.


Modern bedrooms are usually designed in neutral colors like gray, brown, black, and white so it is quite easy to bring in brights into the room design. In order to make the bedroom brighter you can add a bright secondary or tertiary color into the color scheme or just add bright accents like pillows, rugs, bedspreads, and other.


Floral patterns in upholstery and curtains will add a romantic touch to a modern style bedroom. Lace can also add a romantic touch to the bedroom decor. It can be used in curtains or bed linens. Soft pastels will also make the room appear more romantic.


Minimalistic bedroom doesn’t have to be plain. An impressive artwork or big a decorative vase can make a great impact. Thus minimalist modern bedroom will not look empty. Add texture to the bed as it will be the focal point of the room with bed linens and bedspreads.


Add a touch of luxury to the modern bedroom with intricate molding, soft curved bed, and beautiful decorations. Chandelier and high quality furniture items will also add a touch of luxury to the bedroom design.

Modern Bedroom Design Variations

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