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Tucked Away Bedroom Design Ideas

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It’s often an issue with small apartments as to where to set the bedroom to enjoy privacy and yet without it taking too much space. Using architecture or furniture one can create a tucked away bedroom in a single room apartment.

Tucked Away Bedroom Design Ideas


Divider is probably the easiest as well as cheapest way to hide the bed out of sight in a small apartment. A divider wall or a simple screen will increase privacy in the bedroom or wll actually create the bedroom. Curtain or baldachin can hide away the bed in a single room thus diving the bedroom from the rest of the apartment.


Use existing architecture or create new architectural structure that will help hide the bed. Some use closet or loggia to add extra tucked away bedroom while others use the allready slanted ceiling to set bedroom right under it. You can also create a loft to hide bedroom out of sight or create custom partition wall with storage space and other features.

Folding Beds

Folding beds are quite the space-savers. They come in transformer or fold-down styles but when not in use can be easily tucked away freeing space for activities and simply walkways. But there is a serious con to folding beds as they can be dangerous. Some beds shut by themselves which can inadvertently hurt or injury its user. Be sure to buy folding beds with safe mechanism and use them with caution.

Tucked Away Bedrooms

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