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Modern Trends in Bedroom Interior Design

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Five Modern Trends in Bedroom Interior Design for 2014

Moroccan accents

Moroccan accents in bedroom interior

We offer you five different trends in the design of the bedrooms, which will be popular in 2014. But do not forget that trends are not the only right directions. Your bedroom will always be a place that should be designed to inspire you personally.

Floral motifs to decorate walls

If you like the quaintness and charm of the wildlife, a big picture or a pattern could become the source of inspiration. It is better to give preference to the man-made decoration, but these decorations can be expensive. An acceptable alternative can be reproductions and copies of paintings, drawings, and all that raises your spirits at the mere sight.

Gray, soft black and bright shades

Match shades of gray, black and white, which fades from one to another, as the shades of green in the forest moving smoothly from dark to light and vice versa.

Influence of hotel theme

Hotel-style bedrooms gradually making their way into the sphere of home interior decoration. Large, spacious beds; extravagant bed headboards; functional elements such as bedside lighting, tables and chairs; large windows letting in plenty of natural light.

Moroccan accents

Moroccan accents can be found in prints of draperies, puffs, curtains, bed linen and patterns on the upholstery. There are many ways to add these accents in the design of the room. They always make a strong impression – maximum effect and minimum effort. This trend is not for everyone, but it can often be seen in 2014.

Country style

This simple, natural and rigorous trend operates with rustic motifs in materials and color. Natural accessories create a special atmosphere in country style.

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