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How to Organize Storage for Wine

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There are many people who are fond of making or collecting good wine. What if you accidently realized that your collection grew too large? One way is to call all your friends and neighbors to estimate your tastes in wine. Another one is a decent storage for your wine collection.

Wine Cellar in Mediterranian Style

Wine Cellar in Mediterranian Style

 Where to Store Wine

There are plenty of ideas on how to store wine. You can organize a wine cabinet in a dining or living room or have a proper wine cellar, or wine vault in a separate room. It’s all up to you, we are just going to discuss the important points you have to consider while designing and choosing the way you will store your precious wine stock.

Defining the Size

First of all you have to estimate the size of your wine collection and how much bigger you are planning to make it. Afterwards you can decide if a wine cabinet is enough, or you need something more serious. This will also help you to arrange fridges or shelves for the bottles. If you decided to make a wine cellar, try to arrange the shelves so that it would be possible to rearrange them in case you need to store more bottles there.

Storage Conditions

Another important feature of any decent wine storage is temperature control or natural constant air temperature in a cellar. High temperature will spoil good wine and can make young wine age more quickly, also adding unpleasant sour taste of oxidizing. If your climate doesn’t provide proper temperature even in a cellar, think about different means to support temperature in a wine vault. Fortunately, modern technical achievements will be capable to help you with that in any climate conditions.

Wine Cabinet

Wine Cabinet

Design Ideas

It is popular to decorate wine cellars in a Mediterranean way. But nothing’s there to limit your imagination and creativity. As for wine vaults and cabinets, the range of ideas is almost limitless. Right now the most popular materials for interior design are glass and metal. Just make sure that the material of choice will be reliable serving as a storage. And if you are planning a cabinet, it should always fit to the general interior.

Good luck with all your beginnings!

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