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Bedroom in Indian Style

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Bedroom interior, radically different from the overall situation is able to switch all the body systems to other rhythms. We are very dependent on what our eyes see, our ears hear and our skin feel. So let’s use these properties of the body for its benefit?

How to Decorate Bedroom in Indian Style

Bedroom in Indian style

Bedroom decorated in Indian style

Have you ever wished to be born in another country, in a completely different culture, surrounded by unfamiliar objects? Distant lands are always interesting for their otherness.

Indian bedroom, bright and soothing at the same time, will make you forget about the daily problems and dive into the luxury of the East with his wise attitude to nature, life and the world.

Bedroom decorated in Indian style

Bedroom decorated in Indian style

Color spectrum

Colours are the most important thing that creates an atmosphere of India, which is geographically distant, but close to the soul. Bedroom in the Indian style is a red color and various shades of terracotta. It is the color of thick juice with pulp – from cherry to plum.

Just remember that red should be not sharp, but natural. And the most “loud” colors, such as purple, should be used for small accents – pattern on the pillow, for example. If you throw them away completely from the palette, the interior will become poor. But if you overuse them, they will act negatively on the psyche.

Bedroom furniture

The main furniture in the bedroom is, of course , a bed. Ideally, it should be made of teak wood. This tree is unique in its properties. It is full of essential oils and silicon. And it means that it is indestructible in all conditions for a long time. It saturates the air of the room with medicinal fluids. In addition, teak wood is incredibly beautiful and durable. In the authentic version there is not much furniture: no mirror, a bed, a small table and a folding screen. But you may need to add a couple of tables and a small closet.

Indian textiles

Textiles contain covers, rugs, pillows, cushions, curtains, blankets, sheets, curtains and canopies. All this should be blue, lemon, raspberry, chocolate, cinnamon, ocher, green and turquoise. They are embroidered with silk, gold and silver threads, decorated with sequins and mirror inserts.

Take into account that a pure white color is considered mourning in India, and is not used in textiles. But more benign colonial style may allow milky white and ivory.

Accessories and lighting

You can add a few highlights: for example, a hookah, a floor vase, a silver or a copper tray for tea, coffee and fruit. And of course, the Indian interior is not finished without light fixtures. It is better to use a sconce or a lamp on the bedside table in the bedroom. Ceiling chandelier is alien here.

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