Swimming Pool Grotto

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Grotto is a manmade cave that adds an inimitable charm to a swimming pool. Grottoes can be small and big and are a perfect addition to stone swimming pools. They are usually enhanced with waterfalls which make them look more like natural caves.

Install them instead of stone walls or with the stone walls or use them as rooms for entertainment and lounging. Some of the grottoes feature slides for kids which is fun. They also come in different shapes and forms to complement almost any swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Grotto

Swimming Pool Grotto

Small Grotto

Small grottoes are great for swimming pools that are not too big as these are not too roomy either. They feature just a bit of space below the waterfall and add only a visual effect of a cave. But even a small grotto can add so much in terms of style and appeal.

Small grotto can also be decorated with flowers and various greenery as in the picture above. The plants enhance the look of the swimming pool as well as of the landscape and make it  look more natural and romantic.

Full-Size Grotto

A full-size grotto is a larger cave that can accommodate two or more people. Large grottoes are certainly much more impressive and they can house more than just a swimming pool but also such entertainment areas as bar, deck or spa.

Grottoes vary in sizes and forms and they can be made of different types of stones including faux stone. Some of them feature columns while others look like stone pergolas. Lighting is also an important part of grotto design. Built-in lights are usually used in the vicinity of a grotto to illuminate the water near it as well as the waterfall.

The downside of a grotto is that it is expensive and can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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