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Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

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Indoor pool is a great addition to the house. It’s convenient and weather-proof so it’s almost always possible to enjoy a swim regardless of temperatures outdoors. The swimming pool interior can be quite challenging to design but there are many ways of creating an interesting look.

Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Glazed Walls

If you enjoy sunlight glazed walls is the way to bring it into the indoor swimming pool. The light will flood the pool but not as directly as the skylights might. The latter are also a way to create an outdoor feel indoors.


The structure with the swimming pool doesn’t have to be boxy and uninteresting. Bring in style or theme to it by adding some decorative elements to it. For instance, big floor plants, stylish doors, and textured walls can make an indoor pool look more interesting.

Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas


Also pay attention to finishings. For instance, stone-finished walls will have visually more impact creating a special atmosphere in the room. You can also use tiles as a decorative element for walls or swimming pool bottom.


Lastly, the indoor swimming pool doesn’t have to have its own part of the building or a entire structure. Some designers have incorporated indoor swimming pools into the house. It can be a living room or a space under stairs.

Indoor Swimming Pool Designs

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