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Water Features: Swimming Pool Waterfalls And Fountains

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Swimming pools are not only cool saviours during hot summer days but also the landcape wonders that add appeal to your yard and house. Great on their own, the swimming pools can be significantly improved by adding certain water features to them.

Water Features: Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Swimming Pool Water Features

Waterfalls are very popular in swimming pools. They are often introduced in multiple numbers to emphasize the dramatic effect. Waterfalls can be different and each style complements different swimming pool designs.

Rock Waterfall

A rock waterfall is an amazing addition to the stone swimming pool as it only adds to the natural yet luxurious look. A rock waterfall can be build from natural stone with help of professionals or a faux rock waterfall kit from a specialized store can do the trick.

Water Features: Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Wall Waterfall

Wall waterfalls are also quite popular in modern swimming pools. They are sleek and yet provide a wide curtain flow which falls from the feature wall. Though minimalistic, it still adds an impressive detail to the swimming pool.

Water Bowls

If you want a smaller waterfall feature for you swimming pool a water bowl might do well. These are small decorative water features that act as waterfalls as well as add an accent to the pool design.

Water Features: Swimming Pool Fountains


Foutains used to decorate swimming pools also come in various styles. There are quite traditional fountains that are located at the swimming pool spas and there are features that are located at the shallow area or in the center of the pool creating a mini fountain within the pool itself.

There are also statue fountains that are placed beside the pool to allow water pouring into the pool creating both sound and an impressive look.

 Swimming Pool Water Features

Other Water Features

Other water features include separate water streams aimed at adding special effects to the pool. They are deck jets, that are added to the decks and walls of the pool and create a curved stream of water which can also be luminated with different colors to create special effect.

Water features definitely give a swimming pool additional charm – water sounds, special effects and accents. Which one appeals to you the most?

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