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5 Ideas to Hide Workplace in Interior

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Today more people are working at home. But finding a place for the perfect home office is not easy, especially in a small apartment. Usually in this case the workplace fits into the interior of another room – living room or bedroom. But if you do not want to see your working place, when you are having a rest, then make the workplace hidden from view.

Invisible Home Office: How to Hide Workplace in Interior

Foldable angular workplace

Foldable angular workplace

We have prepared for you this small, but very useful overview of user-friendly options – 5 ideas on how to choose furniture for hidden home office in different rooms.

Invisible home office in the living room

To arrange a job in the living room, it is enough to buy a small table that combines the properties of the console and desk. Retractable worktop saves space and small drawers help maintain order in the stationery.

Home office in a wall cabinet

When you do not have much space, use a wall cabinet with hinged door that turns into a countertop workspace. It can easily hold a laptop. When the work is done, close the door and get a compact cabinet.

Foldable angular workplace in the bedroom

Great solution is a mobile modular table. It consists of a mobile working part and a stationary, which stores office equipment and papers. When you need to work, expand the tables at an angle of 90 degrees. When you finished, slide them together, and you will have a modest bedside without a hint of a home office.

Hidden home office behind the rack

If + you have a high rack the spacious living room or bedroom, position the desktop behind it. This solution will help to better focus on the work and at the same time expand the space for storage.

Home office in the bedroom behind the door-coupe

If you work on a desktop computer and have (or plan to get) a wardrobe, then use this amazing opportunity. It is enough to use one compartment for the workplace.

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