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How to Decorate With Floral Patterns

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Floral patterns are very common in interior decorating. They make a room more fresh, romantic and welcoming. But there are so many floral patterns out there. First choose a room that would look perfect in floral. It’s usually a bedroom or a living room, but it all depends on tastes. Then choose the floral patterns that suit your style. There are more subtle floral motifs and more obvious ones. The options are almost limitless.

How to Decorate With Floral Patterns


Wallpaper is a relatively easy way to introduce patterns into interior design. But any busy and intricate patterns should be considered carefully if the room is small-spaced otherwise it will look even smaller. It’s better to stick to almost invisible patterns and light colors in wallpaper for small rooms and leave active patterns for accents – throw pillows, rugs and curtains.


Floral upholstery looks great against the one-color background. Floral patterns can also be combined with other less busy patterns like stripes. Grouping several throw pillows in various patterns together will add detail and depth to the room decor. Try several fabric samples together before deciding which ones will work.


Floral accents in deep shades of the main color scheme will add more detail and depth to the room. The floral pattern in a contrasting color can also work nicely. Pick up the colors that work well together and go well with the pattern.

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