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Re-Q Soap Maker: Utilizes Wastewater and Soap Leftovers

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Re-Q soap maker is a gadget that utilizes wastewater and soap leftovers. Created by Jung Hwan Song and Kim Jong Won Re-Q soap maker is an eco-friendly device that uses wastewater and soap leftovers to make brand-new soap. The three section shape is meant for three stages of soap-making process.

Re-Q Soap Maker: Utilizes Wastewater and Soap Leftovers

The Re-Q gadget is loaded with wastewater that it purifies. Then it adds soap bits to it and starts the soap-making which then ends up in molded bars. A complete eco-friendly non-waste production.

Re-Q soap-making gadget seems as a nice way of utilizing wastewater as well as leftover soap. The gadget may also contain fragrances and additives for the new soap. The concept is great and useful primarily because it allows to recycle as well as produce. It’s not clear how to operate the gadget. The wastewater appears to be collected manually (from the pic in the gallery below) and poured into the gadget for purification and use in soap-making.

Many designers and especially architects today think about non-waste production designs for their future products and projects. From rainwater collectors to wastewater recycling more and more eco-friendly options are becoming real with every single project as society becomes more and more aware of environmental changes and damages. The most recent project of the future feature solar energy use, rainwater harvesters, groundwater recharge, and electric power saving devices.

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