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Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster From Nostalgia Electrics

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Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster is a cool gadget from Nostalgia Electrics that makes toasts while fixing you something nutritious for breakfast. Specializing in innovative design in small appliances Nostalgia Electrics came up with this multifunctional toaster that saves the time one usually spends on making breakfast and cleaning up after it.

Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster From Nostalgia Electrics

A regular looking toaster is equipped with a folding griddle that allows to quickly fry an egg without any hassle. The toaster is designed to make cleaning easy and effortless while the non-stick griddle features a timer for cooking meals properly. The prices start at $30 and the product can be found on Amazon and many other online stores.

Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster is a great gadget for making easy but nutritious and warm breakfasts. It can also bring in some variety to the morning meals if you aren’t used to cooking so early. It also saves time which is scarce in the mornings before work.

Nostalgia Electrics also specialize in popcorn makers, fondue fountains and other small appliances both functional and entertaining. The company also looks for innovators with ideas and projects.

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