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Cottage Bed By Patricia Urquiola

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Patricia Urquiola has created an amazing bed cottage, a practical and awesome furniture that is suitable to any interior. This cottage bed is simply a terrific cabana-style bed that is a beach and sun atmosphere bringer.

Cottage Bed

Cabana-styled Bed

Stylized as a small beach house, this amazing bed design is reminiscent of the sun and fun. Designed specifically for Spanish company “Kettal” by Patricia Urquiola, this Cottage bed was presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, an international furniture exhibition. It features a little roof covered with material and wood. However, underneath it, there is an aluminum carcass.

This bed is ultra-hip and can be set in any bedroom, because it differs by color of roofs, and even material that covers the roof. As a one piece of furniture it also can become a central point in your bedroom, and your interior can be created around this wonderful piece. The Milan-based designer, Patricia Urquiola has emphasized it ecological meaning, its aesthetics and minimalism.

But most of all, the author of this amazing creation, mentioned tranquility and privacy this bed design offers. Having a roof like ceiling and even curtains, it provides the owner with a choice of being visible or being alone. Exquisitly designed for outdoor rest, it can no doubt be incorporated into your private bedroom, providing even more privacy, charm and a feel for wildlife.

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