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Japanese Aesthetics and Danish Functionality

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Denmark and Japan, recognized leaders in the field of design, are in the spotlight. Despite the long distance between the two countries, they are largely similar to their values: simplicity and authenticity are always on the first place. Japanese aesthetics and Danish functionality formed the basis of an amazing collection in fusion style.

Japanese Aesthetics and Danish Functionality in One Collection

Fusion style collection from BoConcept

Fusion style collection from BoConcept


Unexpected combinations of materials, shapes and colors are designed to amaze and evoke positive emotions, creating pleasant moments in the busy life of the city.

Fusion collection includes a sofa, chair, wall unit, coffee table and a large selection of accessories.

The author of the collection is the Japanese studio Nendo led by Oki Sato. The design changes a principle of human interaction with everyday objects, transforming it into the creation of many unique moments in the busy life of the city. According to the Nendo philosophy, the items must be concise in form, but carry a bit of humor and friendliness.

As the leading designer Oki Sato says about the collaboration with BoConcept, it’s amazing to see many similarities between the Japanese and Danish design. They use natural materials such as wood and leather, and try to achieve simplicity in the details.

Oki Sato is a Japanese designer. Due to his unique talent and recognizable handwriting in design, he won worldwide recognition. In 2012 Oki Sato was officially recognized as ‘Designer of the Year’ by Award Wallpaper and Elle Deco International Design Award.

Oki Sato founded the Nendo design studio in Tokyo in 2002, when he was only 24. Nendo updates the list of prestigious design awards annually.

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