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How to Make Cardboard Furniture

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Сardboard furniture is made of draper’s board that can be found in furniture and electrical appliances stores. Cardboard thickness that is measured in layers plays an important role in furniture-making. A cardboard layer is made of small waves. Typically, the more layers, the stronger the cardboard. Depending on the type of furniture and/or parts of the model, the manufactures use one-, two-, or three-layer cardboard.

Cardboard Furniture Making Tips

A creative sofa made of cardboard

A creative sofa made of cardboard

A single-layer cardboard is often used to fill the inner walls of a model with rounded, curved forms. It is preferable to use two- or three-layer cardboard to fill in the inner walls of a model with straight lines. The same cardboard of darker color is usually more durable than the light one.

The front of the cardboard is smoother, whereas the back is rougher. It is very important to consider the direction of waves of the cardboard, as they measure the strength of the furniture. Usually, when duplicating walls furniture parts (consisting of two identical parts glued together), the first wall is cut out of the cardboard, where the waves are directed vertically, while the second one, on the contrary, is cut out, where the layers are horizontal.

Cardboard furniture

Cardboard furniture

The finished product can be covered by brown craft paper. Treated with wallpaper glue, it is pasted onto the completed piece. It is required to tear the paper instead of using scissors. This process is necessary for smoothening out the surface, to prepare it for further lamination with decorative paper.

It is required to paste all edges and seams of the furniture piece first, and only then cover its entire area. White craft paper is better suited for pieces that are designed in bright colors with. In place of white craft paper, you can just paint the brown layer with white acrylic paint.

Cardboard table and chair

Cardboard table and chair

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