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Newly-Designed Products from Ligne Roset

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There are three major exhibitions in the field of furniture design and interior decoration in Europe at the beginning of each winter: Imm Cologne (Cologne, Germany), Maison & Objet (Paris, France) and Furniture Fair (Stockholm, Sweden). There designers and companies show off their best works created in the past year. Many of these items will be shown in April on the most significant design exhibition – Milan I Saloni.

Newly-Designed Products from Ligne Roset on Winter Fairs

Prado sofa designed by Christian Werner for Ligne Roset

Prado sofa designed by Christian Werner for Ligne Roset

We will show you a few new products presented by Ligne Roset at the exhibitions.

French company Ligne Roset has demonstrated some interesting sofas and chairs, as always distinguished by French miniaturization and elegance.

German designer Christian Werner created a functional sofa Prado for Ligne Roset. The model is impressive not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also by how it meets the contemporary lifestyle.

As an epigraph to the project, Werner quoted Henry Ford: “I ​​will not stand when I can sit. I will not sit when I can lie down.”

He stresses that the major feature of this model is the maximal freedom of use and comfort.

Prado consists of individual seats and large backrests that can be freely placed, depending on your mood, allowing you to change the form and function of the sofa.

French designer Philippe Nigro deposited the Ligne Roset collection of sofas with his Cosse model, combining lightness and comfort. The lightness effect is achieved due to the forms with smooth curves, as well as base construction looking like “hovering above the floor”. Comfort seats are provided by supporting lattice framework and modern filler. High workmanship is emphasized by such details as a specific form of armrests, back stitching and elegant legs made ​​of solid wood. The Cosse collection includes 3-seater and 2-seater sofas and ottoman.

GamFratesi duet created a hybrid piece of furniture for Ligne Roset, which is called Trouf. It combines the functions of a tray and a pouffe.

According to the designers, they wanted to create a multifunctional piece of furniture that could offer customers variability of use.

Wooden trays can be used for its intended purpose – to put snacks and drinks on them. And you can put a laptop, a book or legs on the upholstered parts.

Inga Sempé complements the Ruche collection of upholstered furniture with asymmetric chair. At first glance the Ruche chair may seem to be just a stylish decorative item, but in fact it turns out to be surprisingly practical. You can outweigh the legs through a low armrest, while the high back will support your back.

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