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Brussels Herbs Plant Pots

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Fresh herbs for a homemade dinner. What can be more delicious? Bas van der Veer offers Brussels Herbs plant pots for growing herbs right inside the kitchen. Feel like having your own homegrown herbs with your special meal? Brussels Herbs plant pots were designed for pottery firm Elho to make it easy to grow favorite herbs on the kitchen table or window.

Brussels Herbs Plant Pots

The design is playful and greatly suits the small-spaced kitchens. Each plant pot is equipped with specially designed multi-blade scissors for cutting fresh herbs right from the pot and add to the meal. Brussels Herbs plant pots are available in single and double versions and a variety of colors. The scissors are held with a special handle that doesn’t let them slip or get lost.

Such small plant pots are a great way to grow your favorite herbs. They come fresh right from your window or table and add a myriad of new tones to the usual meals. It is especially great alternative to the garden area if the house or apartment lacks one. Besides plant pots are easily accessible inside the house for watering, care and use.

Multi-blade scissors made specially for cutting herbs are a nice little bonus that makes the pots design even more attractive.  Look for Brussels Herbs plant pots at online shops as well as garden centers and DIY stores in Europe starting from the end of this year.

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